Pilate (from Toni Morrison’s ‘Song of Solomon’)

Voices that fought to discover the identity of the self, voices that make the characters discover their past, their history, their ancestors. Voices that give voice to other voices*1. [warning: spoilers of the novel]

I really enjoyed reading “Song of Solomon”, by Toni Morrison. I want to talk about the character of Pilate, specially. Yes, the main character is Macon ‘Milkman’ Dead, but the character that has got my attention and my curiosity is Pilate, the strong Pilate, the mystical Pilate, the divine Pilate. Her name, so far from her being, we have to take it maybe as the sound, the form of it. She is a ‘pilot’, she drives us through the story.

Pilate sings folk songs and is linked with her heritage in a strong way, stronger than her brother. She has it in her, her name in her earring, her father appearing as a spirit to her, his bones in a bag always traveling with her -without her knowing that it is him!

A woman incapable of anything bad, incapable of darkness, and carrying a guilt and a responsibility that aren’t hers. A woman who has started a new model of life, who lives by herself, who is her own governor. Who is her own boss. Her own mind.

Pilate, who saves Macon’s life more than once, at the starting of his existence as a fetus inside his mother, and when Guitar tries to kill him and Pilate ends up shot instead. Pilate, who gave birth to herself, who pushed herself out of her mother, who doesn’t have a navel, who is an origin in herself.

*1. Voiception. I know.


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