Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)

This song is not taught or even played enough at schools and/or homes. It is much more significant than it seems -aside from being musically gorgeous, the lyrics are also interesting, yes. There are adults who don’t know this song. There is people in the world, with full access to culture, who doesn’t know the meaning of this song.

How is that even possible.

In fact, the whole “The Wall” is worth all your time. There is a website in which you can read the meaning of the songs, but I think it is much more interesting to listen to it and take your own meaning -I don’t believe in the author’s meaning, I believe in the reader’s or the listener’s meaning, the meaning that you give to a song or to a poem, or to a book.

And the meaning that it has to me it’s close to the one ‘meant’ by the writer, but not so. I listen to it and I think about my country’s education system -about many education systems. Kids going to school and just being taught to listen and repeating. To shut up and listen. And repeating again. Without thinking, because you don’t need to think. And I have been a good student, the perfect one, I sat, I listened, I didn’t say a word if I wasn’t asked to, I repeated all I was meant to…

… With a blank paper under the books, a pen, and writing all I was thinking in class. Because in school everything that goes away from the clear line that it is ready for you, it’s a revolution. But I think that even the teachers become machines too, eventually. Only those few chosen ones with spirit enough to keep their passion for what they are doing can avoid that fate.

Highschool kids listen and repeat lines that are sung, lyrics that are supoosed to be revolutionary, but they are still listening and repeating. They do not think about the things they are saying. There are exceptions, there are those few ones who are clearly different, but mostly is the same thing that goes on in class, a placebo that pleases the need of a revolution (I’ve done this, too, don’t think that I’m talking about others).

And then? And then you grow up, you need a job, and you just shut up. Just like everyone else. Because those crazy years of “fighting”, of repeating “revolutionary” lyrics are over.

And then, your cross a line. You think in a different way. No, wait. You just stop and actually think. And you see things. And you wish that you didn’t? Kind of? You wonder how life would be if you didn’t think. If it would be easier. But, would it be worth it?

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