“But you are under my skin”

If I really have to give an answer, I don’t know why I like Alice Cooper so much. I don’t know why I like Poison so much. I could say that the lyrics help -and they do- but the first time I was properly listening to Poison I wasn’t even caring about the lyrics. It was that way of singing it, it’s how the words sound… But it’s mainly the music.

It’s a fucking good song. And Alice Cooper makes it even better. It would be a good song for anyone, but in Alice Cooper it gets just perfect because it’s Alice Cooper and that’s it (you can count how many times I said his name already).

Of course the whole Trash is amazing, “Spark in the Dark”, and “House of Fire”, and “Only My Heart Talkin”, and “Bed of Nails” is just way too good to be true, and well “This Maniac’s in Love With You”, and “Hell is Living Without You” is a beautiful ballad… but this song… This song is something else.

I’m not a music analyst, I can’t talk about guitars or drums or that stuff. I just know when I like something, when something makes me feel, really feel. And Trash makes me feel stuff, Alice Cooper makes me feel stuff, and Poison just gets me. I listen to it and I just need to fucking move. I need to move because if I don’t move I may explode. And I want to shout and I want to just I don’t know.

Damn song, I love it.

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