Mr. Slowhand shot the sheriff and made me dance

(Long-solo live version, because I like it this way… You can find the studio version here)

I know, I know, the song is not originally his, but he made it his, at least in this version -the most successful one. But come on, listen to that guitar. Just, just listen to it. And everything behind it. Behind him. In this cover of Bob Marley’s song.

I don’t remember the first time that I listened to an Eric Clapton’s song. I swear it, there’s no way I can remember it. Eric Clapton has kind of been there all the time. You know, there’s sun outside, you need to eat, you got cartoons on TV and Eric Clapton exists, it’s sort of natural -like Dire Straits, Queen, those nice guys.

Life without music is not an option. That’s why I am kind of making a music post every weekend -and I am seeing that you like it (and if you don’t you are rolling with it quite well, congrats). And life without listening to this guy wouldn’t be nice. It’s not just that he’s good with his hands -on the guitar-. It’s the way he plays.

I feel as if he melted with the guitar, with the whole music in every song, it’s two-in-one, both are the same thing. I listen to him, the live songs that he has, and it’s magic happening. Magic exists and it happens when Eric Fucking Clapton plays guitar and sings and melts and explodes at the same time –don’t even ask me how can that happen, i’m a humanities person, not sciency-stuff here. You just accept that he does it, okay? It’s magic.

But it’s not just him. It’s what he makes me when he plays, when I am listening to him. You know that moment in which you feel that if you don’t start to shout and jump you may explode? You can’t take anything else inside because it’s too much. Music sometimes it’s too much. Or maybe I feel it too much, I don’t know. But I feel like that. When he goes down and he starts to rise and rise and rise and I’m like stop, for fuck’s sake, I’m gonna have a heart attack or cry or both at the same time and I have not written a goodbye letter. Have some respect.

(So if I disappear take this as my goodbye letter: I felt it way too much and it got inside me, I exploded out of happiness, what can I do).

Anyone would think that, first post here about Claton, I would’ve done it with Layla… And I love that song, in a second gets me and it makes me absolutely go crazy -specially one version of it, we’ll talk about it some other time-, but… I don’t know, I felt like doing a post on this song today. Mr. Slowhand taking reggae to an absolutely new level of music and expression.

(Already thinking about next weekend’s song… Suggestions?) (I’ll end up thinking what I want, but… You can try).

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