Janis Cosmic Witch Joplin

(and here you also have a live version)

“Onstage, I make love to 25,000 people – then I go home alone.”

If you listen to her voice you know that it’s her, there’s no way that you can mess that up, and you just know, you just feel that it’s her, that’s Joplin. That’s Janis. Her rock, her blues, her whole soul was in every bit of her music.

She forces you to feel through her voice. She still does it from somewhere, wherever she is.  At least she does it to me. Every single time I hear her voice she gets me. I absolutely adore the artist that Janis Joplin was. I just can’t stop if her songs start playing, doesn’t matter where I am. I have to keep myself from singing if I’m outside or with someone.

(I have a friend who understands music the same way I do, more or less, and I think -guess so?- that she’s the only one who has truly seen me losing it when a song that I really love is playing. A, that’s you if you read this -I actually don’t know if you read this- but that’s called confidence, girl).

She wasn’t just a piece of rock and roll. She was the first woman to be considered a rock star. Janis Joplin. You listen to her music and you may or not like her, but she’s the witch of rock. Husky voice, explosive and electric performance. She was a whole instrument, she was the music. The Cosmic Witch.

She keeps being so alive in her songs because she put so much in them. She was unique. There will never be another Janis, and imagine if we could’ve had her longer. In 27 years she had enough time to leave her memories in history. There’s people who say that she’s still alve and her soul is in the room in which she died, her spirit still there.

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised, her spirit was strong enough for that. She was powerful enough to do that and more.

And, to finish, I want to leave you with Joss Stone’s and Melissa Etheridge’s tribute to Janis. 100% soul and rock from two absolutely perfect women. You should go listen to that and then listen to some Melissa because oh, she’s awesome too.

(And that’s it for today! Here I go to start thinking what song or artist I’ll write about next friday…!)

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