World Poetry Day

Well, today is it. International Poetry Day. World Poetry Day. So, even if it’s friday, I’m not going to do a music post. Why not? Because I feel that I can share something much better and fitting for the day instead!

Poetry sources! Poems, poems all around! And a couple curiosities 😛 If you know about any webpage, share it in the comments! If I have not included your favorite author, link him or her too!

Poetry isn’t just a key to seem interesting and important, even if many use it like that. And it isn’t a dictionary, something that you can learn by hard, ‘this means this’, ‘that means that’ -even if at school it looks that way, because they teach you that way. Poetry is something else.  I only know that, for me, it’s important. In my life I need it.

Fundación Federico García Lorca
The Walt Whitman Archive
The Yeats Society of NY
Emily Dickinson Electronic Archives
Sylvia Plath
T. S. Eliot Society
(Some of the ones I’ve thought of, there’s not even all the ones I have books of) – In which you can share your own poems! I’ve never done it.

And just as a curiosity, visit the Poets’ Graves

And, well, I couldn’t forget Neil Gaiman’s site. Just because.

That’s it for the day! As you may have noticed, I’m posting less these days. Well, I have too much work to do, and even if I find a moment to write here, most times I am far too tired to do so. That’s why this is it.  Well, and a couple verses from my own to make the day…

No matter how smart the words,
No feeling can match it,
The feeling of your speaking,
The sensation of your song.


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4 Responses to World Poetry Day

  1. mike and brandy says:

    Reblogged this on My Omer of Manna and commented:
    Great Video from a movie I saw many years ago with my mom at the theater. I love Robin Williams films. I’m hoping to read more of this Blog. Enjoy World Poetry Day. -mike

  2. While reading first verse it reminds me to first verse of last strophe from Invictus by Ernest William Henley “It matters not how strait the gate”. Hope you’ve written, erased, thrown to garbage, taken it back from garbage and rewritten a lot this World Poetry Day.

    • raqueluroz says:

      Oh, that’s right! And I just went and read it all again right now. To celebrate World Poetry Day I watched Dead Poets Society and commented it with a couple friends, was nice, and I remembered when we watched it! Also read and wrote a lil’bit, yep. What about you hm? Kept your inner poet busy yesterday?

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