Friday Music: Melissa Etheridge

It has been an absolutely lazy week – I know, I know, but I repay by bringing something really good on this friday with music. An absolutely amazing woman.

Yes, Melissa Etheridge. I not only absolutely love her music, but also the fact that she’s an absolute fighter. From her sexuality to cancer, she’s fought all the way all that came in her path, and damn, I love that in a person,  and when you see someone that does not only express herself through music but also in her life… That’s amazing.

I already linked you to her music, or better said, a cover of Janis Joplin that she performed with Joss Stone, in 2006, showing the effects of chemotherapy but strong as ever.

She came out in 1993 (same year that she lost in her Best Rock Song Grammy nomination with I’m the only one and Come to my window, but she lost to Bruce Springsteen, so that’s okay, The Boss is The Boss), and since then she’s been a gay rights icon and activist -in fact, I started to listen to her because I found her that way, going thorugh lesbian icons some years ago.

I won’t write much more -I’ve already linked you to more songs that you should really listen, so I’ll leave you with Etheridge’s soul, rock&roll, blues, folk music, which is more than enough considering what this woman’s voice does to you.

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