Demonologically inspired

Why won’t you stop chasing me? Controlling me? Why won’t you stop setting your shadows upon me? I can see you, I know who you are, I know what you are, you cannot even try to lie to me even if that’s what you have been trying all along. I know where you come from. Why do you do it? Why me? Why me? Why me?

You king of all evil jinns, arabic demons, offensive, treacherous beast. You Samael, dark and dirty angel of death, poisonous king of demons, treacherous seducer. You dark creature without a face, without a name, impersonating human fears or desires as it is your wish. You wild shedim, satyrical bitch, forcing me to dance in honour of the moonlight for your own enjoyment. You, Belial, defined as worthless once, master of the darkness after, rising in power step by step.

“On th’ other side up rose
Belial, in act more graceful and humane;
A fairer person lost not Heav’n; he seemd
For dignity compos’d and high exploit”*

Abraxas. Devil.Lucifer. Satan. A demon. The Demon.

Many are your names as many are your forms and bodies, as many are your bodies, and all of them are a whole being. And even then, in all your power, you chase me, you run after me. And I dance and shout and walk and run and burn and sing in your name, in your honor, in your desires. Why me. Why me. Answer me. What are you looking for. What is the thing that you are looking for inside me, inside my head.


(I am exploring demonology as I had an idea and want to write something about it. I am making steps towards the whole topic, but I will need much more reading first! Not the most usual topic, but I am really having a burst of inspiration towards it)

*John Milton, Paradise Lost (Book 2)

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