Flying Free

When you see the sun rise
And you are still alive
Isn’t it a surprise

Under a magnificient size
Castle my heart was
A long time in disguise

Now that’s a closed chain
I closed the page and book
And I dare lo live again.

She wanted the first prize
The amazing victor she tried
The heart wearing in her eyes.

No dead heart, no corpse
There isn’t venom running
though my veins anymore.

My mind heard my hurt plea
I can look out and I fly
And now I’m finally free.


(Something that I’m really feeling and I tried to put it nicely, after a lot of work I really feel that I can fly again. And I’m happy that I had time to come up with this! Hope you like it and thank you all for following, as always).


About raqueluroz

Lunatic, obsessive, insane, passionate, human
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