A bunch of verses: Hiding Away

I want to rip off
Every part of me
So you can see
What your acts mean.

I should rip off
Every part of your soul
So you can feel
What’s in front of you.

But I won’t do it
I will just hide away
So we both can
Just go on and rest.


I was going to title this “on how I am just going to end up being surrounded by cats and writing dirty stories on the internet” but it was too long so I changed it. Also: this wasn’t written this week, I just found it now and I felt like chaning bits and pieces and sharing it 🙂

I got angry stuff ready in my notebook that I have been writing the last weeks, but I don’t know when (if) all that will end up here.

Thank you for reading 🙂


About raqueluroz

Lunatic, obsessive, insane, passionate, human
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