Waiting is for suckers


Well, I really am. So that’s it. How do YOU feel about it? About waiting? Waiting for any kind of thing, I mean. Doesn’t it itch? Doesn’t it get inside your head and under your skin?

(This was made by paint and with a mouse, so be kind, I do not have one of those drawing amazing things!)

More and (hopefully!) better… Soon!

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Saving Myself (Behind the mask)

I was so tired of the masks
That I put one on myself
I was so tired of the games
That I started to play
I was so tired of the pain
That I started to torture
I was so tired of bleeding
That I started to kill.

So I hide behind the mask
And I hide behind the games,
I will attack if you hurt me,
I’ll torture you if necessary,
I guess I’m ready to kill,
If that’s what saves me.


And I have a couple more poems hiding around my piles of papers. I hope that you like it.

Thank you for following my blog, you are more than a hundred and I don’t even know where you come from, people. Just thank you. And stay around!

(Today something made me think… if I knew how to sing, I would make songs out of my poetry!)

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And I am The Unthinkable

Sometimes I feel
That I’m under it
And I can’t steal
One more second of it
And a giant eraser
Will me coming for me.

And I feel that
I disappear
I’m invisible
I’m unreachable
I’m untouchable
I’m untalkable
I’m unthinkable.

And I scream.
And there’s silence.


Damn, that came fast and soft.

Hugs for every single one of you who read this, and thank your for it 😉

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Short Sigh [a really slim poem]

I wish
I could
Make that
Step that
Would make
You see
That I
Am here.

I’m not
sad or
too much
But I
mind your
hand there.


I guess I’m in that kind of mood.

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A little madness (What if)

What if I did, anyway?
What would be the big problem?
Would it be so ridiculous?
Are we so frivolous?
Would it be such a madness?
Delight in blindness?
Could I be blamed?
If strongly so I claimed?
Don’t you think that I deserve
Something less perverse?

Leave it, then, so will I
You will see me reaching high.


Thank you all for reading and liking the last one, I am inspired these days (that makes me feel incredibly better!!) and I write as much as I can. I like this one that I just shared with you, even if I don’t fully understand what I was trying to express. Some of it, maybe.

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My biggest smile, mind you

How can I ever
Let it go
My biggest smile
The strongest one
My lucky charm
The reason behind.

(Which, mind you,
Is an innocent one).

How can I ever
Let them know
Wouldn’t understand
Wouldn’t look right
They try to reach
The reason behind.

(Which, mind you,
Is not for them to learn).


I have been writing quite a lot, sharing very little. I have been writing in riddles, I have been writing without understanding what I am writing. But I’ve been writing. I’ll try to share a bit more from now on.

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Made of flesh

You can’t treat a human
As if all our organs
Were made of porcelain
As if our heart
Was made of glass.

You can’t handle someone
As if his soul could break
With a little bit of air
As if his mind could melt
With a little threat.

You can’t treat a man
As if he wasn’t flesh.


And there we go. As some of you know, I opened another blog in which I write about books 🙂 Maniac Lost in the Library

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