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I’m really trying

Do you know that moment in which you cannot see what is there, in that dark filthy fog that you have inside your head, but you are sure that it’s important? In which the key of everything that you are … Continue reading

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Demonologically inspired

Why won’t you stop chasing me? Controlling me? Why won’t you stop setting your shadows upon me? I can see you, I know who you are, I know what you are, you cannot even try to lie to me even … Continue reading

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La Bella y la Bestia, pasión y arquetipo

Mi padre todavía dice que, si le pusiesen ‘La Bella y la Bestia’, podría interpretar él mismo los diálogos. También dice que, cuando me ponía dicha película de pequeña, se la hacía aguantar una y otra vez, y una detrás … Continue reading

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See the Sea

Can’t you see the sea? Darkness upon you? Waves of hunger and breathing for something unexplainable? Something unthinkable? Something unreachable? Open your eyes and look again, little buccaneer. Open your eyes and dare to see the sea.

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