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It’s amazing how much those two coincide

Today I just wanted to leave this here, as a summary of my thoughts.

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Waiting is for suckers

Well, I really am. So that’s it. How do YOU feel about it? About waiting? Waiting for any kind of thing, I mean. Doesn’t it itch? Doesn’t it get inside your head and under your skin? (This was made by … Continue reading

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Short Sigh [a really slim poem]

I wish I could Make that Step that Would make You see That I Am here. I’m not sad or too much thirsty But I Wouldn’t mind your hand there. * I guess I’m in that kind of mood.

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I’m really trying

Do you know that moment in which you cannot see what is there, in that dark filthy fog that you have inside your head, but you are sure that it’s important? In which the key of everything that you are … Continue reading

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Maneras de Leer: Canción de Hielo y Fuego (Parte I)

Un sofá, una mantita por encima, un té caliente (o un café, oigan, no nos vamos a poner exquisitos aquí) y un buen libro. En esas circunstancias, cuando empiezas a olvidarte del sofá, de la manta y de todo lo … Continue reading

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Demonologically inspired

Why won’t you stop chasing me? Controlling me? Why won’t you stop setting your shadows upon me? I can see you, I know who you are, I know what you are, you cannot even try to lie to me even … Continue reading

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Friday Music: Melissa Etheridge

It has been an absolutely lazy week – I know, I know, but I repay by bringing something really good on this friday with music. An absolutely amazing woman. Yes, Melissa Etheridge.

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